Mission Statement

The Project

  1. What Is To Be Done has been set up to address the most pressing issues facing society, politics, economics, science, and the environment in the 21st Century.
  2. What Is To Be Done will centre around authoritative articles written by experts. Every article will be comprehensive and informative; will clarify misunderstandings and delineate controversial issues; and will direct towards practical, realistic goals for humanity’s progress in that area.
  3. The What Is To Be Done project will bring together each goal for every pressing issue -the specific and the general- to develop a robust progressive programme for the 21st century.

The Articles

  1. Each article will set out to identify and justify a set of progressive goals. Each goal will be realistic and practical, but also ambitious. There may be a dozen goals for any given issue, prioritised where possible.
  2. What Is To Be Done goals will point to actions and decisions to be taken at every human level -by individuals, organisations, governments and the international community.
  3. It is recognised that there may be conflicts between articles’ arguments and goals, in cases where different perspectives, epistemologies and value-systems have been employed.
  4. Authors will use the internet to create comprehensive, well-referenced articles. The articles will open debate and provoke discussion, and -where possible- provision will be made for this online.

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